Laser Cladding

Titanova Offers Laser Cladding of Aluminum Silica

Titanova Offers Laser Cladding of Aluminum Silica

Titanova is continuing to offer new products and services to help a wide variety of industries.  We now have the capability to add Aluminum silica clad to die cast aluminum parts.  this offers one the possibility to modify Aluminum die cast parts with out expensive retooling of cast dies




Titanova – Laser cladding Aluminum Bronze

Titanova has the capability to laser clad Aluminum Bronze onto Ferrous based substrates.  The application is for pressed-in bushing replacement and thus part count reduction.

Titanova – Laser Clad Samples with Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum bronzes are used in applications where their resistance to corrosion makes them preferable to other materials. These applications include plain bearings and landing gear components on aircraft, engine components (especially for seagoing ships), underwater fastenings in naval architecture, and ship propellers.  Aluminum bronze are also used in explosive atmospheric applications.

Aluminum bronzes are in the highest demand from the following industries and areas:

  • General sea water-related service
  • Water supply applications
  • Oil and petrochemical industries (i.e. tools for use in non-sparking environments
  • Specialized anti-corrosive applications


picture bronze2





Titanova – ID Cladding down to 4 inches

Titanova Inc demonstrating its continuing innovation in the area of laser cladding is now offering ID laser cladding.  We currently have the capability down to ID diameters of 4” [100 mm] at a depth of 24” [610mm], deeper for larger ID diameters.


Titanova is pleased to announce a new and patentable technology specifically for aiding the laser cladding industry. Titanova has developed, demonstrated, and patented a process method for forming and shaping the laser clad puddle.

This patent intends to solve or improve upon the following:

  • Desposition rate

  • In situ defect mitigation (fixing blow holes)

  • Edge definition

  • Edge definition around holes

  • Inside fillet definition

  • Lowering dilution

  • Thinner clads

  • Improved morphology (flatter, thinnner clads)

  • Control of solidification cracking issues

  • Improving wire feed laser cladding

Titanova is interested in licensing this technology.

Demonstration of Puddle Shaping

Titanova Stellite Clads Rotary Airlocks

Titanova Stellite Clads Rotary Airlocks

Titanova has the capability to clad the outer faces of airlock and pump components to resist abrasive wear and cavitation erosion.  Our thin low dilution clad allow for single pass weld overlay significantly reducing machine and grinding cost.

Laser Cladding of a 22 Inch Diameter Eight Fin Airlock

Close Up of Clad







Upcoming Show

Design 2 Part Show

Titanova will be exhibiting at the Design 2 Part Show at the St. Charles Convention Center on June 13th and 14th. The show goes from 9:30- 3:00. Parking is free. For free admission go to

St. Charles Convention Center located at One Convention Center Plaza, St. Charles, MO 63303

ID Laser Cladding and ID Laser Hardfacing

Utilizing our twenty-plus years of experience with high-power laser processing, Titanova is now offering production worthy low dilution and low heat input laser cladding and laser hardfacing for the Inner diameter [ID] of tube and pipe.


  • Minimum ID Diameter 7” [178 mm]
  • Maximum length – 10 feet [3.05 m]
  • Minimum Wall thickness 0.25” [6.35mm]
  • Preheating –  500 F

    ID Laser Cladding 316 Stainless Steel