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Titanova Recertified for ISO:9001:2008

Titanova has been recertified for three years for ISO:9001:2008 Quality System.

Congratulations to the Titanova team for their excellent work!

John Haake Interview on Michelle Esswein Show September 30, 2012

John Haake will be interviewed on the Michelle Esswein Show on Oldies 103.3  on September 30, 2012 at ten p.m. The Michelle Esswein Show discusses economic development, jobs and entrepreneurship issues in business, education, government and health initiatives that can build successful careers, businesses and family lives.

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Laser Heat Treating of Automotive Stamping Dies

Titanova has developed laser heat treat case hardening technology to case harden automotive stamping dies in the as finished dimesion, thus saving our customers significant post hard machining expense.    Titanova’s laser heat treating significantly reduces distortion thus allowing case hardening of a finished dimensioned die.  The die material such as GM338 and GM190 , 4140 and other case hardenable die materials are all candidates for  this cost saving laser heat treating process.

Laser Heat Treated Automotive Stamping Die GM190 Material

Titanova Now Certified for Laser Welding Under AWS 17.1

Titanova is now a certified supplier for laser welding Class A component for Eclipse Aviation under AWS 17.1 weld specification.

Metallographic Cross Section of Laser Welded 304 SS Class A Component – AWS17.1

The AWS 17.1 acceptance is another sign of Titanova laser technology and quality capability.   This milestone along with our ISO:9001:2008 certification and our ASME S, U certifications and National Board “R” stamp certification represents our dedication to quality assurance .