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Laser Hard Facing of Aluminum

Laser Hard Facing of Aluminum

Titanova along with our material partner is introducing laser hard facing process for aluminum.

This is a unique aluminum based hard facing material that can produce hardness of > 2000 Vickers.  This is approximately the hardness of tungsten carbide.  This is orders of magnitude harder than the aluminum base.   Unlike tungsten carbide metal ceramic coatings this new hard facing material has a continuous hard matrix making it an excellent substitute for hard anodization coatings.   Our laser hard facing process allows one to apply thickness of 0.010 -0.025” thick, which is typically 5X- 10X thicker than a hard anodize coating.  This in combination with the super high hardness makes this an excellent choice for the most demanding wear environments.

Figure 1 – Laser hard faced 6061


Figure 2 – Close-up of laser hard faced 6061