Benefits of Diode Laser Cladding Services  

Titanova offers the thinnest and flattest clads available in the overlay market place today. The resulting laser clad is a very low dilution, very smooth and flat clad that requires minimal post machining. This unique capability translates into tremendous material and labor cost savings. There is no longer a need to put multiple layers down to achieve the specified surface chemistries. With Titanova's laser cladding process; one pass will achieve the desired surface chemistries. With today’s volatile commodity metal prices, it makes more sense than ever to examine Titanova's laser cladding services.

Our deposition rates are independent of part size. Unlike typical arc processes, such as MIG and TIG, which are limited due to drip-off due to overheating, the laser process has a much lower heat input into the part and therefore cladding rates are independent of part size. Titanova laser cladding is so versatile that we can clad everything from a tip of a nail to a large pressure vessel.

Benefits of Precision laser Cladding/Weld Overlay

  • Thin clads = less material costs = less distortion
  • Minimal dilution
  • Less pre and post machining requirements
  • High deposition rates
  • High quench rates = finer grain structure = higher corrosion potentials
  • Production worthy process
  • Highly controllable
  • Part size independent = the smaller the better

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