Titanova Inc is a full service laser job shop that has parts handling capability up to 10,000 lbs. and up to 45 feet long. We supply non-cutting laser processing primarily laser heat treating, laser cladding, and laser welding. We also offer machining and grinding services.  We have a comprehensive metallurgical testing capability for quality assurance.

Laser Heat-Treating
Laser heat treating makes steel harder and last longer. This is known as case hardening. The laser diode can perform this heating process so precisely that part distortion is eliminated or minimized significantly.  Unlike flame, furnace, salt bath, and induction hardening the laser process has very low heat distortion. This distortion typically results in costly post heat treat machining, bending or grinding. This typically cost more money than the actually heat treat process itself. Titanova's low distortion heat treating process eliminates the need for post heat treat processing.

Laser Cladding
Laser cladding is a process of overlay-welding on a base metal with a corrosion, erosion or wear resistant [laser hardfacing] metal. The heat source in this case is a diode laser. The diode laser has unique properties that allow it to melt or clad the thinnest possible layer of beneficial metal over a base metal. This welding process can be performed at the lowest amount of heat and distortion.  Why make the whole piece out of expensive alloys based on materials, like cobalt, nickel or chrome, when only the surface has to have this expensive material on it.  There are tremendous benefits in all industries with emphasis on mining, agriculture, energy production [nuclear and coal] oil and gas recovery.

Laser Hardfacing
Laser Hardfacing is a unique laser cladding process that can apply a thin layer of welded metal with embedded super hard particles producing the most wear resistant coatings.  The common super hard materials are tungsten carbide, chrome carbide and iron chrome carbide.   The laser hardfacing process has the same benefits as laser cladding, such as low distortion and low heat.  In addition, the laser hardfacing process doesn’t burn out the carbides; it can achieve hard particle densities higher [up to 75%].  The laser hardfacing produces much smoother, thinner and more uniform anti wear coatings as compared to any other process

Laser Cladding for Remanufacturing
Laser cladding due to its low heat and distortion can also be use to add thin layer of weld metal back onto to a part to remanufacture it.  Most machines that wear out only lose a fraction of their mass due to wear.  If one can cost effectively add metal back onto these surfaces without distorting it due to excessive heat you realize a new part and in many case “better” than new.  That is the promise of laser diode cladding.   The diode laser makes it possible to fix / remanufacture a whole new subset of parts that to date have been scrapped.  This is a truly GREEN process that saves tremendous amount of energy and money for the customer and society.

Laser Welding
This is a low distortion welding process.  The reason is the laser diode that Titanova has specifically designed  has a unique beam shape that allows high speed welding of distortion sensitive parts such a thin gauge metals and stainless steels. This is an enabling technology that allows our customers to use thinner gauges, thus less material costs, without changing upstream processes, which drops right to our customer’s bottom line.  In addition, to autogenous laser welding, Titanova has both hot and cold wire feed capability.

Laser Brazing
The Titanova laser systems have a unique beam shape that can silicon bronze braze zinc coated steels and weld brass without the zinc fuming and spatter. This laser process benefit is that it is a much faster, cleaner, and a lower maintenance than typical brazing. This tremendously increases quality and saves our customers money.

Quality Assurance

Titanova, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier that has a full service metallurgical and metallographic capability. The micro-hardness capability includes Knoop and Vickers. We also have Rockwell and Leeb rebound type hardness measuring capability.  We also have X-ray fluorescence alloy analyzers to chemically analyze our laser cladding dilution.


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