Diode Laser Cladding Services      

Laser Cladding makes use of the laser as a heat source to melt and weld onto a component a material that has different and beneficial metallurgical properties with the lowest chemical dilution possible for a welding process. This allows one to cost effectively customize the surface properties of less expensive substrate to provide greater resistance to corrosion, oxidation, wear and high temperature fatigue strength.

Titanova Diode Laser Cladding Capabilities
Titanova brings years of expertise in the area of diode laser cladding to industry. This welding process makes use of customized diode lasers to create the thinnest and purest weld overlay achievable. No other welding process comes close to the quality that diode laser cladding offers. This process permits the modification of the surface metal chemistry of functional parts without a significant amount of weld distortion or heat-affected zone. The surface modification benefits are for corrosion or erosion or both. For surface corrosion Titanova, Inc offers laser cladding of corrosion resistant alloys such as all varieties of stainless steels [300 series and 400 series], nickel and chrome based superalloys [Inconel™ and Hastalloys™]. For wear resistant protection, Titanova can laser clad a variety of cobalt alloys [Stellite™] , iron chrome carbide, and ceramic metal matrix materials such as chrome carbide and tungsten carbide,  in a self fluxing Ni-Cr-Si-B metal matrix.

Laser hard faced down hole rib
Laser cladding main shaft
Direct diode laser cladding
Direct diode cladding stellite six




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