Our History  

Titanova, Inc, was founded in January 2008 by Mr. John Haake.  Mr. Haake has over 23 years experience with diode lasers and high power laser processing. Mr. Haake experience started on the “Star Wars” programs at McDonnell Douglas.  Mr. Haake subsequently applied laser diode technology for the purpose of advanced high speed carbon composite aerospace structure fabrication, building one of the first microchannel cooled continuously powered [CW] high power diode lasers in the early 1990’s.   He leveraged this expertise and co-founded Nuvonyx, Inc in 1998 and was the primary driver towards the commercialization of high power industrial diode laser and the subsequent development of diode laser specific processes; laser heat treating, laser cladding, laser welding.

In 2005 Nuvonyx, Inc. was acquired by ICXT and in 2007 was sold to Coherent, Inc. [Santa Clara, CA].   Mr. Haake was instrumental in developing and marketing the novel processes enabled by the diode laser.  Mr. Haake is known worldwide for his expertise in the area of diode laser systems and diode laser processing and has authored and presented many papers on the subject and has been awarded 27 patents.  Mr. Haake has assembled a team that has a combined experience of over 40 years in high power lasers. The Titanova team uniquely understands the fabrication, operation, use, and integration of diode lasers.  This expertise enables Titanova, Inc. to be the most complete full service diode laser contract manufacturing service shop in the nation.  Titanova was certified ISO:9001:2008 certified in September 2009.  Titanova received qualification certificates from ASME and NBIC in 2010. View Current Certificates.  John Haake or Titanova are members of ASM, ASME, AWS, and NTMA.   In 2011 Titanova has expanded into a new facility in St. Charles, MO.

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