Benefits of Titanova Laser Heat Treat Process  
Laser Heat Treating Process

Laser Case Hardened Saw Tooth

  • Selective hardening both is depth and location
  • Low or negligible distortion
  • No post processing is required
  • Precision heating and control
  • Highly directional heating via line of site heat treating
  • Process speeds typically 3 times the rate of induction
  • Environmentally friendly dry process requiring no quench oil or fluids
  • Process does not require absorbent coatings
  • Process very forgiving with respect to surface contaminants
  • Work piece shape geometry not an issue
  • Higher hardness achievable -- over HRC 60 without cracking
  • Fatigue life improvement for powder metal parts and drive train components
  • Quality processing achievable with in situ temperature control

Laser Heat Treating
Laser Glazing for ferritic ductile iron

Capabilities No Job is too Big or too Small

With over 40 years of combined experience in the area of diode laser technology, Titanova can design and build a diode laser heat treating cell that uniquely fits your component requirements. We can heat treat everything from a large bearing surface to the tip of a needle.

Table illustrates laser hardened case depth versus hardness. 
Note : Maximum depth does not necessarily correlate to maximum hardness. Metal chemistry directly influences hardness.


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