Laser Cladding for Remanufacturing      

Titanova's diode laser cladding is a new weld repair process that can be used to restore critical worn surfaces of metal parts. Typical critical surfaces are the bearing journals and seal surfaces for hydraulic shafts and valve seats. Titanova diode laser cladding technology has much less heat and dilution that lead to excessive distortion as compared to traditional arc welding, such as MIG and TIG over-lay processes. This is primarily due to the fact that traditional arc processes are limited to a minimum thickness and have excessive dilution.

Unlike a thermal spray coating a laser welded clad can resists extreme shear stresses. Titanova has the ability to clad thin layers of exotic and harder materials such as 420 and 431 SS and StellitesTM creating a part better than new. Titanova combined with years of material expertise allows welding clad repair of a diverse set of base materials. If the parts are cast iron, tool steel, stainless steel, Titanova has a process that can repair the part. 

The potential commercial applications of diode laser cladding for remanufacturing are found throughout all industries, specifically; energy recovery, agriculture, construction, mining, marine, energy and chemical production, and transportation.

Remanufacturing Money Tree
Titanova's advanced cladding process is a significantly faster and more cost effective method to remanufacture metal parts. Remanufacturing places the emphasis of wringing more productivity out of the OEM components.

With remanufacturing one can consider components that already have a significant amount of residual value in labor, material, energy, overhead and capital costs.

It has been documented that remanufacturing of commercial and military components can recoup 85% to 90% of the energy and materials in the components that are rebuilt, thus significantly reducing the demand for energy and material resources required to sustain a population of components. This remanufacturing opportunity is even more compelling as metal and energy commodity prices hover near record levels. Therefore, remanufacturing is a truly Green Technology both from an environmental and financial viewpoint – let Titanova help you grow your MONEY TREE.


Green Technology
There has been a lot of press on green technology over the years. The greenest technology is one that is both ecological and economical green. Green technology is NOT green if  it doesn’t meet both of these conditions when standing alone.  An unquestionable green technology is the remanufacturing and reuse of products. By lengthening the time that products stay out of the recycling stream one significantly reduces pollution by two primary methods.  The first is keeping product out of the waste and recycling stream and the second is the recouping of 85% to 95% of the energy and materials in the products that are remanufactured. Therefore, remanufacturing is green from an environmental and economic standpoint



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