Research Areas  

Novel diode laser cladding of high temperature alloys for used in ultrasupercritical coal-fired boilers

DOE SBIR Program forSurface Modification of Alloys for Ultrasupercritical Coal-Fired Boilers.
Research Summary
Titanova is actively researching on a DOE SBIR program the benefits of  direct diode laser systems and processes for purpose of cladding coal-fired boiler water wall.  This program has resulted in improved clad material properties.  This research has laid the technological framework for proven reduction in coal-fired boiler costs and increased boiler efficiencies therefore reducing pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.  

In situ diode laser cladding of erosion resistant alloys for repair of light water reactor systems and components.

DOE SBIR program for Advanced Technologies for the Assessment and Mitigation of Materials Degradation for Light Water Reactor Systems and Components

Research Summary
Titanova has researched the area of portable diode laser cladding systems on a DOE SBIR program for purpose of repairing nuclear power plant systems and components.  The technology developed through this research has demonstrated that the laser cladding of thin, low dilution layers on nuclear facility components will significant reduce the cost of these processes.  In addition the low heat process significantly reduces distortion of clad components.   Titanova is leveraging these technologies along with low dilution hot wire welding technology to develop novel laser based repair technologies.

Low dilution Laser Cladding and Temper bead welding development of Alloy 52 over P3 and Cast Stainless Steel pipe

Titanova and Electric Power Research Institute [EPRI, www.epri.com]will develop welding parameters for lowest level of dilution of Alloy 52 on CF8 of CF8M cast SS pipe. 

SBIR Topic N101-086 “Advanced Rail Materials for Electromagnetic Launchers”

Titanova, Inc has performed research with IAP Research, Inc [www.iap.com], which was to develop laser clad coatings for improved electromagnetic rail gun rail life.  IAP has been a leading developer of electro-magnetic rail guns, an advanced weapons system that uses electro-magnetic pulse power to accelerate a projectile to speeds exceeding 5000 miles per hour.



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