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Welds like a mini-TIG, without the distortion!
Titanova has the most experience with respect to understanding the benefits of laser diode welding. We uniquely understand the issues associated with welding parts that to date have not been candidates for laser welding. Typical autongenous [keyhole welding] laser welding is considered a precision process requiring very tight fit-up, similar to E-beam welding. The gap or fit up tolerances required for the keyhole welding process is approximately < 3% of thickness. There has to be enough materials melted to close the gap and produce a high integrity welded joint. This eliminates most low cost parts from this process due to the fact that the parts have to be machined to present an interference type joint or fit-up. The industry defaults to TIG and PTA process in order to achieve a robust production weld process, but what they lose is the cost savings gained from being able to use thinner gauges enabled by a distortionless weld process.

Titanova Diode Laser Alternative – Fills a Gap Without Distortion
The amount of melted material is directly related to the amount of distortion. The Titanova diode laser welding process fills a welding fit-up gap tolerance requirement window between traditionalTIG and PTA and the “keyhole” processes such as laser and E-beam. The diode welding process is about 3X – 5X more forgiving with respect to part fit-up as compared to traditional key-hole welding processes. Therefore we can butt weld very thin gage materials, 28 – 36 gauge, even foils consistently.

Keyhole Laser & E-Beam

Typical process speeds achieved with diode laser are 3 X better than TIG or PTA. Since the weld nugget is smaller, the distortion is also improved significantly thus allowing for thinner gauges while simultaneously eliminating post processing.

Why is this important to the machine shop customer? State of the art CNC based metal process machinery such as punch presses, tube benders and press breaks are now, and have been for some time, accurate enough to allow for diode laser welding. Therefore one can weld much faster and with much less distortion without changing upstream stamping or fixturing processes!

Wire Feed Laser Welding
Titanova, Inc. is the only US contract manufacturer offering direct diode laser systems that can be used with a wire feeder. We offer both hot and cold laser wire feed welding. The advantages are increased throughput, less weld distortion, excellent quality, and quick turn-around time. Titanova is the only laser job shop offering this unique service.

Laser Brazing

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